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    Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC proudly serves the ‘made in America’ movement by offering top quality blue jeans and apparel made in the USA for both men and women. The owner, a native of France, has put together a patriotic collection of American made premium denim along with a luxurious selection of button ups, t-shirts, cute tops, maxi skirts, dresses and belts for your satisfaction. Each of Bullet Blues's products captures owner Isabelle Benoit’s European flair, and combines this with American-made materials sourced locally to create a unique line of designer apparel. Everything you see at Bullet Blues has been manufactured using the finest selection of fabrics, so you get that European meets ‘made in the USA’ shopping experience with every visit.

    We are very proud of our designer products, made by local American craftsmen with the best talent. Bullet Blues Custom Apparel’s primary goal is focused around offering jeans made here in the USA, and each pair is of the highest caliber. We also take great pleasure in serving up our core values: quality, durability, fashion, comfort, fit, and most importantly of all, customer satisfaction. We believe in manufacturing our wide range of designer products the American way, using USA-made materials. Only when a select few of our products require premium fabrics will we use materials from across the globe. Please note that for our line of button-up shirts, we have chosen to use superior premium fabrics from the world of fashion to fit in with our strong craftsmanship values of "Made in USA".

    All of our jeans are made in the USA, using American-crafted denim from Cone in North Carolina. Our custom-made rivets originate from Kentucky, and are made by YKK who provide industrial strength fastenings. So if you’re looking for jeans made in USA among other wardrobe essentials, you’ll find everything your heart desires here at Bullet Blues.

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